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Gift Certificates

Welcome to our gift certificates section! Here are a few ways you can share movies with friends and family.  

Movie Bucks
Movie bucks are available at all locations. They are sold in 1 dollar increments. Movie bucks are good at the box office or the concession stand.

Debit Cards
Debit Cards are available for purchase and use ONLY at the Morton Cinema. Dollar amounts for tickets or concessions are electronically scanned onto the card and then you can use it in place of cash.  Great to give the kids. 


Movie Club   

Purchase tickets on your Morton Movie Club card in advance and save.  The movie club card has 10 tickets on it good at any movie currently showing at any time. The cost is just $40.  Plus a small fee to register your card. Once registered you can buy concessions with your card and receive a 10% discount on most concession items.  NOW you can also build points every time you use your card.  Collect points for free tickets and concessions.  Membership is limited. 

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